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Anyone switched from citalopram to amitriptyline?


Morning, hope you are all well.

Awaiting a BSGE referral but really struggling with pain, right neck/ shoulder, right breast/under rib through to the back/hip & left knee pain, right groin pain along with daily nausea although I don't get this when I'm not working or on holiday. My sleep is disturbed almost every night. This has been on and off for 2 years. I've tried chiropractors, physio and massage but nothing is helping.

I've taken citalopram since 2010, my gp talked about changing my medication some time ago. I'm doing a symptom diary for the next week and will make an appointment.

Just wondered if anyone had gone from citalopram to amitriptyline? x

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Amitriptyline is widely used as a form of chronic pain relief. Dose wise It can be gradually increased until you find the right dose. These are taken at night and help with the nerves causing pain etc. I found I was still very groggy the next day at work but I think it depends on the person

I'm taking amitriptyline, I started off on 10mg and it made me feel very tired, I'm now taking 30mg and I'm fine now. I'm not feeling tired and they seem to be working with the pain. But like Tryx said, it depends on the person. Everyone reacts differently. Hope it works for you x

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