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First Laparascopy / Trying for a Baby

Hi Ladies,

I had my hospital appointment next week which after a year of going back and forth with ultrasound scans they have finally referred me for surgery after constantly suffering with extreme pain during my periods as well as chronic fatigue. I've got my pre-op on Friday and hopefully will find out a date not long after? Never gone through this before, what is it like when you come out of surgery? Whats the recovery period like?

My husband and I have also been trying for a baby with the hope that we would have been able to concieve before we reached this point of having to go for surgery .. I'm started to get ever so paranoid month after month, has anyone found that the surgery as helped and made the process some what more successful? I'm just starting to wonder if it will ever happen :(

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So is it diagnostic laparoscopy? I mean what your gynae supposed to do in laparoscopy. Did your gynae found anything suspected in US? If, US is not explanatioable enough, then MRI scan could be helpful to diagnose endometriosis in your body. Then you should asked surgeon do remove all endo tissue by excision not ablation or burn. It is very important that surgeon needs to be skilled enough to remove the endo tissue from your pelvis organ. Once if you diagnosed with advanced stage with endometriosis, then you need to get referral to BSGE center to endo specialist.

If you have minimum endo and removed in this coming laparoscopy, you may conceive naturally afterwards.

Recovery period experience different among people. You may go home day after surgery. Don't worry about that it will be fine.


Ashley-Jane, I've had a lap 4 years ago to diagnose and laser away Endo. For me they found it mostly on my bowel and some on my womb. They were meant to do 2 incisions but had to do 3 - 1 in the belly button and 2 just below my knicker line on each side! I went in in the morning and was discharged by late afternoon the same day. The surgery wasn't too bad, just having to take it easy when moving around for a couple of days, I personally found the general anaesthetic made me quite sick and groggy for few days after.

For the past 18 months I've also been trying for our first baby. Although we discovered from tests we have issues due to my partners side so our only option is IVF. Surprisingly for me, they don't think my Endo is causing any issues. I do also suffer from Chronic fatigue/M.E which got much much worse since I came off the pill and started trying for a baby.

I've read others who have had a lap and soon after have found they were able to get pregnant and/or found it has helped with their chronic fatigue so hopefully this will help you too.

Try not to worry about the surgery. I'm a worrier and really found it ok and would do it again. Fingers crossed for you and that you have a little one soon. 😊 X



I know it's hard not to lose hope but don't let it get you down. I would say that the pain after surgery is manageable with pain killers and rest. You do feel sore and a bit out of it for a few days but I was able to get up and go to the toilet straight after surgery, with some help getting out of bed. The pain reduces after a few days and you start to feel a bit more normal. I experienced some localised pain when trying to open my bowel because of where the endo was removed from which was really sore to start with but also went after a few days.

Unfortunately I have not managed to conceive after my first lap but to be honest the timing was not good as my husband and I were working different shifts so think that had more to do with it. And then the pain returned so I was put on the pill. Hoping to have a second lap and try again in 2017.

Fingers crossed for you.


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