Is it normal?


I have an appointment next month to see a gyne my gp thinks I have endometriosis so hopefully I can get it confirmed now, My problem right now is I had a really heavy period for a day and half with excruciating pain now I'm only spotting blood nothing is hitting the pad (sorry tmi) but still have the horrible pain is this even normal for endometriosis or could there be something else

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  • Yes, before I got heavy bleeding for 15 days straight it first started as a painful one day period then I would stop bleeding just randomly and then it would start up again.

    May I ask if the blood is darker in colour? Kind of like old blood?

    That's pretty common for the first day of your period with endo

  • Hey, thanks for replying it goes from being a brown colour with bit of bright red to just being bright red and it's happened literally a day after the heavy bleeding I'm just worried it could be something else and it may not be endometriosis

  • It's probably endometriosis

    But are you sexually active? If you think it's a miscarriage go to a sexual health centre and ask for a pregnancy test and/or ultrasound

  • I am I'll go in to the doctors and see what they say about it

  • Yes, my periods are like that and I have endo. They are super heavy and excruciating for a couple of days and then at the end of the second day it just stops and then I spot again for another day or so. Dark blood and some clots. Seems to be usual for endo suffers to have this type of experience from what I have read on here.

  • Hey thank you for replying, mines near enough the same it's quite scary not knowing what's going on with your body hopefully I get somewhere with the gyne and he agrees that it is endo

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