Where to go next?

This is my first post and I'm really struggling to deal with my symptoms.

I have had severe period pains since I started at 11 years old (I'd have at least 4 days off school each month in agony) sent for ultrasounds which showed no issues so was put on Microgynon at 12. That gave me awful migraines as well as the most hideous mood swings.

Fast forward I am now 39, and have tried every contraceptive going - mini pill (various types), implant, mirena coil and now Yasmin.

I was seen by a private doctor two years ago through my workplace healthcare who diagnosed me with PCOS as well as suspected endo (given when they did my internal ultrasound my ovaries are fused to my stomach wall). She put me on the Mirena which just didn't work for me.

I tried Yasmin through my GP which seemed ok but has given me awful hot flushes.

I'm now off any hormones altogether and I am in pain almost every day. Stabbing pains come and make me double over, constant ache in my back, and awful pains with bowel movements.

What are there experiences of surgery? I want to push for a lap as at the moment I still don't know the extent of what's going on, and I do want children in the future. Has anyone else had a lap through private healthcare? I'm worried they will just want to keep putting me on hormones which only mask the disease - I'd rather know what damage has been done/chances of pregnancy now so I can prepare myself, as well as try to alleviate some pain without hormones and painkillers constantly. I just feel exhausted with it all.....


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