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Advice please

So I have had pains in my thighs, pelvis and lower back for the past year and a half on and off and some days the pain has been that bad that I have had to have days off work. I had a lap in January which revealed that I had scar tissue connecting my colon and abdominal wall and despite never having trauma or previous operation my gynaecologist told me that he could not see any visible endometrosis. This lack of diagnosis frustrates me as I have not received any advice since and my pain has come back following the operation. My pain has recently got severe and lasting approx 3 weeks a month so I have asked my gp to write a letter to hurry up the appointment. I have contacted the hospital since and they have said I have an appointment in the gynaecology unit of the hospital in 5 weeks. I have also contacted a endometrosis clinic who said their waiting list is 6 weeks approx. would you suggest that I scrap my appointment with my gymaecologist and move to a endometrosis specialist clinic? Have any of you found a difference? Im nervous that my current gynaecologist will not do surgery again and I feel like I will feel a lot more in control if im diagnosed. Any advice would help ️xxx

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Hi Elle90,

I understand that you're frustrated, it's very difficult to portray to doctors just how much pain you're in.

I've been keeping a pain app up to date for the last 6 months, and it really helps show that I'm in pain, location and type if pain I'm in. Perhaps give that a go too?

In addition, if you can I would go for both appointments - have the follow up with your gynaecologist but also go to the endo clinic. You're better off seeing both within a week, than having to wait another few months for an appointment again.

Hope that's helped, and I hope you get some help soon


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