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Twisted cyst on the ovary/Rupture

Hi girls, I've had a constant ache and pain in my left hip, lower back, pelvis & leg. It started when I came on my period but that finished on last Thursday and I'm still experiencing the pain. It gets a lot worse at night when I'm laying down and keeps me awake. I was in tears at work today because I was so uncomfortable. I was able to see a Dr as I work at a surgery. She suspects I have a twisted cyst or bleed on my ovary. I'm having an urgent pelvic scan tomorrow morning to see what is going on but I may have to go to hospital depending what they find. Has this happened to any one else before? Xx

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I had this (I have pcos not endo) and It started with me bleeding really heavily two weeks after my previous period. I had to take time of work it was so bad. I had the pains in the same places you describe. Unfortunately, because I was already due to see the gynecologist 8 weeks later I was sent home with some tramadol. It was 2 weeks after the gynecologist appointment that I got a scan and so by that time pco was all that was to be seen by then. It was really frustrating so I hope you get some answers. I did have a lap about 7 months on and ok otherwise.

I still have the pains but it was right in my groin at the time and that was quite a new pain for me, it happened to appear the same time as the random heavy bleeding and so it was hard to tell where it was coming from. As I now have a very loud popping noise from my hip I think it's more to do with that.

Did the Dr explain why she thinks it's a twisted cyst?

Let us know how it get on..good luck x

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I've had a pelvis scan beginning of 2015 and I know I already have cysts on my left ovary which is the side that is causing me trouble at the min. I wasn't diagnosed with PCOS as my bloods were normal. I had a lap at the beginning of this year which showed I had PID and my right ovary, right tube and bowel were fused to my pelvic wall and POD. I'm constantly having problems with my pelvis at the min. She didn't say why she thinks it could be a twisted cyst but when she examined my abdomen it was very tender and sore. I'm guessing she just wants to rule out something that could potentially be serious. Just have to wait and see what the scan shows xx


Not quite the same but I had a ruptured ovary. It was very sudden, no build up pain but I was literally unable to move or breathe from the pain, was rushed to hospital, operated on immediately & they found the rupture had caused me to lose 4 pints of blood.

Good news was they were able to glue it back together laparoscopically

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I had my scan this morning and the sonogrpaher said it was a cyst on my left ovary that had bled. My actual results won't be available until next week but I popped in to see a doctor at work afterwards and told her what the sonogepaher said. Apparently it will heal on its own & she gave me some codeine to take until the pain wears off. Panic over!! Xx


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