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I know it's hardly any time compared to some people who have been trying to conceive, but me and my partner have been trying for just under a year now and it looks as if my worst nightmare is coming true. My doctor says it's the last thing I should be thinking about with all the meds I'm on and everything I'm going through - but it's all I want at the moment. And I can't help worrying if it never happens.

Does anyone have any tips for me to try?

I know it sounds silly, but I'm willing to give anything a shot. Everyone keeps saying that I should "stop thinking and worrying about it" and "it'll happen when the times right " but emotionally that doesn't really give me any reassurance. Feeling really shitty about it all :(

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No luck for me either yet but I'm trying acupuncture at the mo. No idea if it's working but I'm delaying IVF for 2 months to give it a chance (been going for 3 months now). Taking basal temp so I know when I'm ovulating. Diet (no drinking, smoking and an eye on weight). The usual stuff. And obvs push to check your tubes etc if you haven't already had them checked. If you have endo, they won't make you wait 2 years like other people. I'm lucky that since my lap a few months ago, I don't need the heavy duty meds - others onhere will know far more about this tho.

Good luck. Try not to get disheartened - and if you can, don't obsess about it. My IVF doc ordered me to stop with charts etc as she said stress is a v significant factor.

Good luck x

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Thank you for your comment hun. How would I go about getting my tubes checked?

It's so hard init! Especially when it's everything that you want. I think I need to get the ball rolling with my doctor.

Thanks again hun and good luck with you too xxx


I had mine checked when they did my lap but my friend had hers checked without a lap - go and talk to your GP and get them to take you seriously. If you're trying to conceive and have either pain during sex or bleeding at odd times they tend to take you more seriously. im getting old (37) so they also start to move a bit quicker! Good luck kicking them into gear. My GP has been horrendous (I have never even met her - it's all referrals). But the gynaes and fertility experts have been great. Keep the faith! X


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