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1st lap this Friday!

Hello everyone

I have my very 1st lap coming this Friday and I just want to hear other people's experience I suppose to put my mind at risk.

My biggest concern is fertility. Have people had extensive endo and still conceived? Or had ovaries etc removed and still had success? How long until they fell pregnant? Was anyone told to get pregnant within a certain amount of time?

I just need some reassurance anything would be muchly appreciated

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Hi lovely!

Good luck with the lap! Hopefully things will be better for you, and you get some answers.

My consultant didn't tell me what stage Endo I got, but after I had the endo excised he told me within the next year would be the best time for me to try and conceive because he flushed out my tubes? His words not mine lol.

But me and my partner have been trying for just under a year now and no luck :(

I think every person is completely different, and so everyone keeps telling me - it'll happen when the times right. Not that gives a lot you a lot of answers hun, but hopefully it'll happen quick for you.

Lots of luck and let us know how it goes


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Thank you.

I keep my fingers crossed you'll have some good news soon xx


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