Mri tomo

I have been sent to have an MRI by my consultant to see how badly my bowel is involved. I see him a few weeks back, he told me although inwas diagnosed with stage 4 by the man who done my lap he said i was more of a grade 1 to 2 as he can still see my organs that are affected? This has confused me massivly as for the last 6 weeks ive been in sheer panic. We had a lovely 2 week holiday and my period came today. So much for the relax on hols itl happen. I fainted at work and in in agony. Just needed a little vent and some hope of falling pregnant with this cruel disease :(

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  • Is the second person a specialist in Endo and was the first? A lesss severe diagnosis having had the MRI extra data would seem to be good news?

  • Yeh ive been refered to an endo consultant who sent me for the mri, but the diagnostic lap surgeon told me stage 4 but then the endo surgeon told me grade 1 to 2 .. is stage and grade the same thing im totally confused!

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