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What a battle us women have to go through 😔

Hello everyone. I've been on hear just over a month reading almost everybody's experience. And may I say what a help it has been to me.

I was first diagnosed with ibs in my early 20,s after year's of complaining and been back and forth to my doctor's, it was only this year as my pain took a turn for the worst that the doctor's took me seriously And decided to send me to a gynecologist and investigate more (thank god) my lapp was on the 7th July this year. They found only minimal endo and also removed adhesions which had covered my entire left ovary and attached it's self to my bowl. The recovery was okay but after a week I I was in agony yet again. I made an appointment with my GP as I knew something wasn't right. It wasn't I ended up with a urine infection (something I always suffer from) I was given antibiotics for 3 day's to clear it up. Since then I've still had no luck and yet still in pain but now it's also on my right lower pelvis (which I rarely got it was always my left side and lower back pain). I've had almost every pain killer given and currently on ibuprofen 800mg which does nothing for me as my doctor just doesn't know what else to give me. I ended up at A&E only last week with yet more pain. Only to be sent home after 5 hours of waiting with buscopan for ibs, I wasn't amused as I needed some kind of pain relief. They was just not helpful at all. They had me put something up my bottom and said it was some kind of pain relief stronger that the ibuprofen that I'm on..... It did nothing for me... to be then told by the gynecologist that because it didn't ease my pain it wasn't my endo because the suppository WOULD have taken the pain away. Seriously if that's all took wouldn't all women be pain free now.... I could of slapped her I was so angry.... she new nothing. Said it was my ibs and sent me on my. It's so frustrating. Again I called my GP in pain crying down the phone. I'm no on amitriptyline and been on them for around 8 days. Along with my ibuprofen. I have an appointment next week with thanks to my doctor for pushing for a closer time to see me as I wasn't due to see her while the end of October. Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to share some of my experiences with everyone. And may I also add that I have found a very lovely lady on this forum who keeps in touch with me on a daily basis to see how I am. I would of been lost and going out of my mind if I hadn't of found this site. It really is a god send. So thank you to whoever created it. And I hope you all have a pain free day ☺ x

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Hi there

Yes this forum keeps us all sane!

So welcome. X

Best advice is being referred to bsge centre.

Endo is really misunderstood and only specialists can help. Check for your nearest centre and immediately request referral from your doctor.

Also if you need more info on how to go forward check out Lindles posts on this site. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Best wishes


Thank you very much bee-74 I'm also looking into this as I'm not too far away from a bsge centre so that's a bonus for me as I've read a lot of women travel so far to go to one. When I next see my doctor I'm going to ask her.. Thanks for the advice very much appreciated ☺ xx and yes this forum has very much kept me sane knowing I'm not the only person suffering as I first thought until I came across this site. X

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