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Hormone issues

Whilst I was pregnant the doctors found a floating cyst so as you can imagine after giving birth the cyst dislodged and moved down my body resulting in the cyst then 6 weeks later wrapping round my ovary and killing it which the hospital failed to notice for nearly a month so once having it removed ive experience foul mood swings so horrid it's drove my partner away I'm so agressive and really bad sweats when I'm on a period, ive spoken to doctors who've said it's nothing to do with the loss of my ovary? Which has left me really confused has anybody else experienced anything like this?

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I haven't experienced what you are going through, but surely you might need some hormone replacement treatment if you have gone from 2 to 1?


Sounds hormonal but I can imagine the Drs easily fobbing you off about it. From what I've understood, they won't offer hrt if there is still an ovary left. How long ago was the removal? It might take a couple of cycles to help your body regulate. Are you taking any hormonal birth control?


Yeah there terrible, around 5 months ago the removal was and I've had the anger issues since & yes the doctor put m on levest but it gives me terrible pains around the lady area


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