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Need a break

Hi ladies,

So my operation was nearly three months ago now and although I had some discomfort from healing I thought I was on the road to a new pain free me..

Started feeling nauseous a few weeks back on and off- just put it down to my body getting used to having a cycle again but after two light/medium periods which I also thought was odd I started again on Sunday being sick. Monday morning I awoke with all my glands inflamed, in pain but reluctant to take codeine. By Tuesday I made it two hours in work as I could not even sit comfortably on the chair, my abdomen and back pain was back.

After feeling very poorly I went to the GP who thought it had an infection-£33.40 lighter on tablets but I started to feel worse last night so ended up in a&e.After a five and a half hour wait I was told my bloods showed no sign of infection and it was likely to be my endometrosis scarring, sent home with anti sickness and my painkillers.

Due to see my consultant tonight, I feel extremely fed up. I have got used to pain but feeling completely run down on top of it I don't know what to do. I have been fatigued on top of this sleeping 9+ hours a night even when I have slept in the day whilst off work.

Occ Health at work haven't even put anything into place for me in terms of helping me adjust in work therefore I feel like a let down again being off work which triggers the sickness policy.

If anyone has any advice on what to do after surgery with pain it would be much appreciated xx

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In the same boat as you..... sadly the op did absolutely nothing for me :-( Iv been suffering with endo since I was 17 I'm now 31, had to leave jobs as employers get fed up with sick time, horrible illness like you feeling defeated but I'm trying for a baby too!!


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