Blood in Urine but no infection

Hi ladies:)

Whenever I get urine tests there will always be blood that's there (not visible) and I won't have an infection.

But today I've had UTI symptoms (which sometimes come with the Flareup) for about a week and actual blood in my urine just today. I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow but I had a culture done last week by my GP and they didn't call so I just assumed it wasn't an infection and I wonder if this one isn't too.

I'm on a contraceptive all the time so I don't think I can have a period.

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  • Hi

    Have you had a laparoscopy to confirm endo? Also I have these symptoms too but I have endo on my bladder which can cause these symptoms! I quite often get these flare ups which seem like it's a water infection but it's not so am guessing it's the endo on the bladder causing it X

  • Hi hun

    My second lap in March 2015 my gynae found Endo on surface of bladder, on the outside. He then looked in my bladder and found a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. My symptoms were the same as you. Always blood present, uti symptoms but not uti, weeing over 50 times a day. Google it and see if your symptoms sound similar. I now go to hospital once a week and a cathetar put in to drain my bladder then some solution pumped in to help ease the symptoms. Not ideal but it helps the symptoms.


  • I have had 2 episodes (may and Aug) of blood in urine - visible - but no infection, have just had US and cytoscopy - found kidney stones, so off for a CT scan today. All went through the 2 week fast track thingy incase it was cancer/suspicious - so get yourself seen quickly - it is in guidance you can find on NHS websites - if blood in urine but no infection - should be investigated, good luck :-)

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