Endovan supplements arrived!

Endovan supplements arrived!

So after hearing so many great reviews about this product I decided to order a 3 months supply the order had come in yesterday is day 1 so far of treatment but I hear it could take up to one month before it really works properly, I want to try to avoid aggressive surgeries. Since endo uses fibrin to grow and implant itself to all my major organs and all over my endocrine system. Am tired of being in pain and mensing straight for over two months ! 😨 I'm making a weekly diary as I want to track the progress of these supplements and results in order to share👍🏻🤗 in case you are interested these pills were ordered online I live in Canada and they came from Illinois USA. In case you are interested to learn more the Link is:


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  • Will be interested how it works out for you x

  • So far so good being day 2 my excessive bloating has seemed to down quite a bit, my bleeding is slowly slowing down I have a bit more energy still keeping fingers crossed👍🏻

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