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Tummy Issues!

I was diagnosed with Endo after a lap and dye in 2014. During the procedure they removed all of the Endo and I was told at the time that I would be problem free for aprox 5 years.

It seems that was total rubbish as two years later I am back at the specialists again, with a return of the endo, only much worse than before.

As well as the crippling pain, and heavy bleeding, I now have the issue of passing blood from my 'back passage' during the two heaviest days of my period. it only occurs then and at no other point in the month. It is the most horrible thing that I have ever experienced and I have no idea why it is now happening.

I'm due to go back to my specialist in a few weeks (this has happened on two cycles both since my last apt) but I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this issue. I visited my GP yesterday and she is very much of the opinion that this is all related to the endo (especially as it only lasts a couple of days) but I am worried that this is how it is always going to be now and that thought is dragging me to the depths of despair!

Along with all of this going on I have been trying to get pregnant for 7.5 years... had IVF (without being checked for endo) IVF Failed (no surprise there) and have now been told that children are pretty much impossible.

I've never felt so helpless.... even if I have another lap done, it's still going to come back again. I can go back on the pill but then that really is the reality of no children! what is right or wrong!

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Oh bless you :( I wish I knew the answers - I think I'd be rich!! Don't give up on the children idea - just keep trying - it can't hurt can it? I've had friends where IVF have failed but then they've successfully conceived naturally.

Hopefully your consultant can shed some light for you. I must say I hate all these weird things your body can throw at you. I never know what to expect when and it makes me feel very uneasy and sometimes scared to go out!!

Good luck x


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