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I know people will say discuss it with my gp or consultant (and I will when the time comes) but I'm due to have some more surgery in October to remove any endometriosis and a cyst and after seeing the consultant last month he advised that after I've recovered from the operation that me and my fiancé start trying for a baby which we are going to do but I've got two questions 1 is: how long after having surgery is it best to wait to have sex? After my last surgery I was bleeding all the time due to a mirena coil so it was a long time after before we actually did anything. And my 2nd question is: I'm currently taking amitriptyline 10mg everyday and then take 20mg sometimes when I have a period I've read contradicting views on whether to stop taking this or to carry it on while ttc as someone told me it can damage a baby neurological system while developing inside you, so I'm just wondering if anyone has been on it while ttc and if so was everything ok?

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