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Feeling confussed after lacroscopy

I had a lacroscopy 23 aug 16 about 4 weeks ago, after of 5 years of pain and after three ectopic pregnancy to be told endometriosis was found been sent a referral for Dec to speak about it ,been to doctor who has passed me off with pain killers ?and had no information to give me ? where do I go from here is this it now pain like this forever feeling so confussed ,any advice be much appericiated .

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Do you know where the endometreosis was found, and what stage, ???

You should look at the posts on here by a lady called Lindle and ask your gp to refer you to a bsge specialist centre, look one up inline,

They will be able to do another laparoscopy and remove your endo hopefully resulting in a pain. Free life, x


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