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upset and feeling let down :(


Had my followup appointment today to discuss endo and endometrioma and talk about the next steps, only to get there and see a locus dr who told me to just have pillow fights every night before bed to make my ovaries happy so it won't be grumpy to my cysts and given a blow up rubber glove filled with water as a present to keep as it was like my Cyst!!! What the hell??!!! Is that even allowed i was so upset! It was so awful i was just speechless!!!

I said the ibrophen paracetomal (excuse my spellings) and codeine where not working any more and was told that was plenty and there was nothing else i could have!

Did however get booked in for lap but she was unsure what to book in so kept swapping between forms and scribbling out then swapping forms i came out worried and with no answers!

I felt excited for today to think i am finally getting somewhere but have ended up in utter disbelief at what happened in the room today!!!

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If you haven't already write a report of this consultation in detail with today's date, your full name and DOB and name of the gynae - if you don't know her name ring the hospital and find out who you saw. Then save it to your computer. In any event ring the hospital and ask to speak to whoever is in charge of her, desribe the consultation and say you will be sending a copy of a report of the consultation to the RCOG (Royal College of Gnnaecologists) with a formal complaint. Whether or not you actually do is another matter but they have to be accountable for such treatment of patients. By the way endometriomas are endo of the ovary so you do have a confirmed diagnosis.


Hi lindle, do you know if i can ask my gp to refer me to a BSGE or will the hospital need to do it? as i know there is one at the hospital i go to in liverpool?


Either can refer. I have a post on here called the treatment pathway. But we can discuss more fully on the Facebook group if you want. X


Omg That is just crazy! Sorry you went through that.


Make a COMPLAINT!!!!

Totally unexceptable!

So sorry you had to go through that.

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