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Finally had laparoscopy

Hi everyone, haven't been on here in awhile. Any I had a laparoscopy done on Friday and endo finally confirmed. Consultant removed most of it but not all of I as apparently there was to much. Talk of putting me on injections to mimic menopause and putting me on hurt. If that works looking to make it a more permanent solution with a hysterectomy, leaving my ovaries and continuing with the injections and hrt.

After lap I find I'm bleeding, it started off spotting but now it's increased. Is this normal?

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Hi Shandy - I know from your previous posts that you will be 37 now and are in Wales.

Was this surgery done in general gynaecology? The proposed treatment plan isn't really appropriate. If they were unable to remove all your endo then you should be referred to someone who does have the skill. A hysterectomy isn't a recommended 'cure' and the injections (GnRH agonists) are not for permanent use. That would defeat the object of leaving your ovaries in as it would shut them down. Do you have the lap report to know where they left it in?


I had this treatment after having stage 5 Endo removed In Feb. The injections put you into a temporary menopause, I experienced hot flashes, mood swings and no periods (which was a nice change). I had HRT to help with the side affects which eased them but didn't help much. I'm surprised they have said they'll do a hysterectomy as I was told this doesn't help because the hormones still continue so the Endo will grow back anyway.

I agree with Lindle, you may need to chase for an Endo specialist to review your case as general gynae aren't as skilled in this area.

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