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Endo treatment after menopause


When I first posted here I felt so much better as the replies I had made me feel I wasn't going mad with all my lower back pain.

I am now awaiting another appointment with my gynae so i can confirm the endo he found when he tried to carry out s keyhole hysterectomy earlier this year for something else. He had to abort the op part way through as he discovered endo which was stuck to my bowel. If he had continued there was a big risk of needing a colestomy bag that day. I want to be referred to another hospital which has a specialist endo dept for further treatment.

I want to go armed with as much info as i can so can anyone help me with any advice for my age (i am 59) and went through the menopause several years ago. Because of this i presume i would not need any hormone treatment after a hysterectomy and would i be right in saying endo would not return in my case? I have tried finding this out but all i can find is treatment for younger women.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi endo can still be present even after menopause. If it is severe enough it will be producing its own supply of oestrogen, so would be self sustaining.


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Hi Jean

Many thanks for advising me glad i asked as i assumed it wouln't!

Yes I have joined the fb group I will post again on there for advice as I have a feeling I will need to be ready with all the answers after having the runaround since my op.


Yes, please can you post in the new FB group as post menopausal endo is something gynaecologists may not accept. I was diagnosed at age 51 several years after surgical menopause.



You did not know you had endo until after menopause and an early hysterectomy ?

Did you take hormones for the change .

Seems strange they could not DX you before that


I had symptoms such as heavy,painful periods and back ache from my 30s and symptoms of severe hormone imbalance but no endo was found at hysterectomy. Yes I was given hrt that stimulated endo in the pouch of Douglas. I had an aggressive pelvic mass the size of a grapefruit that was thought on ultrasound to be advanced ovarian cancer from a remnant. It was all aggressive post menopausal endo. It was incompletely removed and I went on to have it on bladder and both ureters. I finally had excision at age 55.


I have posted on fb site now thanks


Yes, I think I have just seen it so will be on to it. x

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