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I have suffered with endo for over 20 years and had s wide variety of medical and surgical interventions. I have found the symptoms getting worse again and affecting quality of life. I did some research into consultants st BSGE centres and went to GP with my info. Surprisingly the GP had never heard of the local BSGE centre but looked it up and referred me. I went for my first appointment on Friday and received more support than I have had for the last 20 odd years. I was assigned the consultant I had asked for and he couldn't of been better also I was assigned an endo specialist nurse who I can access at any time for support etc. I was there 3 hours with full support care and attention. At last I feel supported. The only thing I forgot to ask was the information for the Preston endo support group - does anyone have this information please? I would advise you all to do your research and push for what you want, it is clear that not all gps are aware of these centres and we all need help and support. I am still in a lot of pain and awaiting definitive answers but feel emotionally more supported by people who understand the condition more than General gynaecologists, after all it is a specialist condition. Hope this helps and any info would be great. X

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Hi - I'm afraid we are not able to discuss specialists on here as it is a charity so cannot give recommendations.


I too have recently gone to a bsge and i too felt completely shocked at how much better and supportive they were. I am glad u had the same experience. My partner left saying how come we havent had this for the last 11 years. Hope u get some answers soon. Mine was MRI and my 5th surgery. But i am feeling a lot more positive than i have been in past xx


Thank you for the reply. My husband said exactly the same as your partner but st least we have support now. X


I am so pleased you had a productive appointment.

Here is the Preston support group details:-



Thank you so much looking forward to meeting others in the same situation. X


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