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Extreme pain in shoulder!!!! Any help

I've had pain in my right shoulder for about two weeks now (from where your bra-strap would sit, up my neck and surrounding my shoulder blade. it's making breathing hurt ( a little like gas from laparoscopy stuck in shoulder) but my operation was what... nearly a year ago now... not sure what to do looking for similar stories and how you got it "sorted out"( better controlled)

Any help is appreciated TIA 💕

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U tried using a covered hot water bottle where the pain is?

It helped me after my op cos the pain was the side I layed on & I couldn't breathe or sleep.

Used hot water bottle cos I couldn't have bath for 4wks after my op.

The heat might help with the pain, hope this helps 🙂


Hi, I used to have the same pain, it was cyclical. That then became a permanent pain when I started to have Mirina coil.

Then when I started Decapeptyl injections the pain was gone! I have had an op to excite endo and have not had the injection. I still feel the pain now and then.

I was told it can be a sing of diaphragmic endo but not confirmed yet, I guess it is difficult to see diaphgram???


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I suffer with really bad shoulder/neck pain and more so in my right one too although lately I've had pain in my left :( I have had endless physiotherapy on it as I've been told it was probably caused from occupational hazard (sitting at desk at a computer,bad posture) I was then referred to a shoulder specialist by my GP earlier this year as the pain wasn't easing up, when i went to see the shoulder specialist i was informed from xrays and examination that my shoulder is fine but i am to be referred to a neck specialist who told me i have a spasm in one of my neck and muscles and i have been sent for acupuncture which i am now on my second course of it! It does give me some relief for a couple of days but the pain doesn't go but it definitely eases it. However i do think its related to my endo for sure i always have the pain but its always so much worse around my period. I use my heat and wheat on it when its really bad to try and get some relief, give that a go if you can.

Hope you get some relief x


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