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Menopause and endo


I'm new to the forum. I've recently had a hysterectomy due to large endometriomas on both ovaries and a boggy uterus. My gyn-onc discovered during surgery that I have stage 4 endometriosis with deposits throughout my pelvis and also some outside the pelvic cavity. I also had scaring from previous endometriomas which had burst and had been leaking for some time.

I'm now starting to get menopausal symptoms and need advice from anyone who has gone onto hrt - what did it do to the endo?

Is it safe to take estrogen only or do you need progesterone? Surgeon recommended first line treatment to be SSRI but flushes are not that bothersome - more debilitating is lack of sleep and painful ligaments /joints - arthritis runs in our family- as do other inflammatory diseases.

Any information would be appreciated

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Hi - are you in the UK?


Hi Lindle

Yes I'm in NE Scotland.

Just been searching the forum for some answers. I'm confused.....


Then you should have been referred to a specialist endo centre with stage 4 and if you are being seen in general gynaecology then they are acting against NHS protocol. Your situation is complex. We aren't allowed to mention surgeons so I'll private message you.


Hi I'm also perimenopausal and had endo 30 years with many laps and treatments. My gynae won't give me HRT under any circumstances. I have a Mirena progesterone is OK apparently but not oestrogen it feeds endo. She recommended Red Clover herbal tablets for hot flushes and black cohosh. Red Clover helps a bit but to be honest hot flushes are nothing compared to the pain we have suffered from endo all our lives. I also get severe migraine so not a good combo.

I hope this has helped a bit.

Take care x


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