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The morning after lap no. 4

I'm writing this from my hospital bed after having laparoscopy number four yesterday evening, and all things considered I'm feeling ok! Bit sore, but the painkillers are doing their job.

I had cysts on both ovaries removed and patches of endo removed from elsewhere. Last night my consultant popped in told me that I had really needed it, and that I'll feel like a new woman soon.

I've decided to change my diet now following the experiences of others on this site to try to cut down the frequency of these operations, which I've had every other year since diagnosis.

If anyone is new to this and worried about their first lap, please don't be! I know that's east for me to say now,but hopefully this is just a little bit of pain for a lot of gain...for a couple of years at least.


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Glad that your feeling ok and not to sore, I am booked in on Tuesday and I don't think I have ever been so scared about it. Now in thinking am I doing the right thing at all 😢😢


Try not to stress about it - I know it can feel scary but it'll be over before you know it. The worst thing that happened to me this time was that I had a really annoying guy talking to me in the recovery room. He kept thinking I was winking at him, but I had double vision from the drugs and could only look out of one eye at a time!

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Four laps does suggest potential extensive endo that may possibly be being missed each time- are you being treated in a BSGE centre?


It's stage 4, so definitely extensive. My consultant hasn't yet told me exactly what she did as I was pretty drugged up when she came to see me. Just said that I had really needed it. I'm going for a follow up on thurs so will get the full details.

I'm being treated privately, so not at a BSGE centre (unsure if private ones exist?). My consultant is a specialist who I've been seeing for years, she also does NHS work but I dont know if it's possible to check whether she also works out of a BSGE centre.

To be honest I didn't realise 4 laps was unusual as I have friends in similar situations...this site makes me realise how little I know sometimes!


The NHS protocol requires that stage 4 endo must only be dealt with in centres where the excision surgeons have done a minimum of 2 years advanced excision training. This is a requirement of the BSGE (British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy) and RCOG (Royal College of Gynaecologists). All gynaecologists are registered with RCOG and must abide by their recommendations. So whether a surgeon is working on the NHS or privately they would be in breach of their registration if dealing with stage 4 without the required advanced training. We are not allowed to name surgeons on here.


Thank you - I joined that group last week so I'll post something in there.

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