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Lap and period,any advice?

Hi can anyone advise me I have my laparoscopy booked for next month.My monthly period should start couple days before my lap date,I'm usually always on time.Will this affect the surgery? I read somewhere if your on your period then a lap isn't performed, I don't know how true that is.if anyone has had a lap or going to have one can you shed any light on this.


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I was on my period for my lap and they said that it was better and easier to find it all so don't worry. It wasn't particularly pleasant but they are used to it so try not to worry xx


You can absolutely still have lap whilst on, so don't panic xx


Of course the lap can go ahead if you have your period. I had my period with one of my laps it was just an inconvenience more than anything


Thanks everyone who replied I can stop worrying now :)


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