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It's not always what you read or hear from doctors

I just wanted to say a few words about symptoms book talks about.

No two people have every symptom listed .

In fact most of mine were not in the list .

I was told that the amount of pain your in has nothing to do with the amount or how bad your endo is.

Not sure if that's true .

But I can say don't compare your bodies symptoms with all the ones here.

Some have none .

Some have no pain.

Some do get pg .

Then there's the others .

Listen to your body . I knew something was wrong in my uterus five years before a dr.

Most of us have a good 6 Th sense .

I know our thinking can get out of control and think the worst.

So go with your gut.

What do you feel is wrong.'most of the time you are right.

So if you don't fit the ( perfect) text book symptoms. Still go with your gut .

Relax and think

The answer you get will usually be spot on .

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