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New Here. Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy needed

Hi, my first post here. I went to see the gynaecologist today as I have been suffering since the beginning of the year with very painful cramps and lack of periods. He seems to think my cervix has closed due to a leep procedure I had 5 years ago and my period blood is staying inside which may have led to endometriosis? He said that it will probably be end of October for the op and he will do both procedures together. Has anyone else had these procedure done together?

Another thing that is bothering me is if m cervix is closed when I have had my smears have they been able to get cells?

Thanks for reading x

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I have had both procedures at the samd time (twice). The first Lap found endo which was removed but the hystetoscopy was a failure as I was informed the neck of my womb was blocked by what looked like a fibroid and I need a hysteterectomy. As I was using private health insurance I went to another surgeon at a recognised private BSGE centre. So 8 weeks after the first procedures I had another Lap (diagnostic only) and hysteroscopy. This time I was informed that I have endo stage 2 on everything and the blockage was a polyp which he removed and labs confirmed that it was a benign polyp. So second time around l had a successful hysteroscopy as the blockage had been removed, he then found that I have a bulky womb which he was sure is ademyosis as well as multiple small fibroids. Hope this helps.


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