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vaginal inner left pain

does anyone experience pelvic congestion syndrome before? how to diagnose, what are the symtopms and what is the treatment? I ve had vaginal pain on left side, left thigh and left buttock pain around that portion. Only left toe change purple color. every bed time have to wear boxer instead underwear to relief the pain. blood and urine test normal. remove ovarian cyst vaginal still pain. what is the next step to do?

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I have pelvic floor dyfunction and I experience your pain except on my right side, my treatment is to massage my right PC muscle (kegel with your finger in and you'll find it) for 5 minutes and then doing kegels.

Try to get into pelvic floor physiotherapy b/c they may be able to get to the root of the problem.


Hello, Kim here. I am 39, no kids, was diagnosed with Adenomyosis in 2005 via biopsy after myomectomy to remove focal growth of 5cm. I have sharp stabbing pains in the entire pelvic area, esp around menstruation time (1 1/2 to 2 weeks PMS to post menstruation). There a few things that help besides pain killers, esp when it is very bad & the pain pills do not help:

Massage- esp for the hips, buttocks

Hot water bottle- against my back or I sit on it according to where the pain is , light massage also helps

Acupuncture- this has helped with a number of symptoms & the symptoms are a lot. My acupuncturist also uses heat therapy such as heat lamp, hot stones on the needles.

My friend who is 48 & was diagnosed with Adenomyosis, Endometriosis & Fibroids, found an experienced physiotherapist knew how to deal with her vaginal pain. Apparently her womb was quite enlarged & was irritating some nerves by pressing on them & the therapist- get ready for it- would palpitate the area in her vag & taught her how to do it also. She claimed it worked! I have not tried this myself. She had a partial hysterectomy, keeping her ovaries & cervix & is about 2 months 2 weeks post surgery. She says all the pains in her lower back & pelvic area are gone. I am planning to have a partial within the next few months & I am hoping I feel as good as she does.

Hope this helps. I would recommend Acupuncture anyday!!!




Did you end up having treatment for pelvic congestion? Did it effect this pain?


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