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Fed up of being in pain.. Please help!

Fed up of being in pain.. Please help!

Feeling down at the moment, my endo pain has returned, fed up of being in pain even when I am not doing anything, I have pain just sitting here. Had surgery last year and things improved but I don't think they looked at my pelvis area which is causing the most aggravation. My tummy is also sore.

I would appreciate any feed back on pain relief, what treatment (pill) etc.. that other people are on and has anyone had any pain relief injections?

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I'm exactly the same I had surgery last year and 5weeks ago started to get bad right hand pain again in my abdomen and pelvis, when I went to the doctor yesterday she said my endo sounds like it's back but too keep a diary for 6 weeks of symptoms, I'm fed up now of also being in so much pain and lethargic all the time and just trying to get through each day.

I find that having a bath eases it for a short period and heat pads.

Does anyone else get nausea and like a sciatic pain in their leg? I guess we all have it different so not all pain relief works for everyone.

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