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Getting pregnant with Endometriosis

Hi Everyone

Maybe you can help? I was diagnosed with Endo a few months ago. I have a 27mm endometrioma on my left ovary and a 17mm on my right. I've seen both NHS and private consultants and they all seem to have conflicting views.

My options are either-

1. Wait for NHS IVF because removal of the cysts is unneccesary due to their size and the possibility of scarring after surgery or having to remove an ovary.

2. Go for surgery to remove them because it can increase chances of natural conception or increase success of IVF

We've been trying for 3 and a half years, my tubes are open, I'm ovulating and luckily I don't get much pain. What would you do?

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Hi, hun! I'm so sorry for your trouble conceiving. I was in the same boat before. 3 years ago I was diagnosed on grade 4 endo. 2 years TTC didn't bring us success. Besides dh has low count and motility of sperm. Well, we did make some silly decisions and tried 1 round IUI and ICSI. But these procedures turned to be helpless for us (later we got to know about the reason). I was bothered much with the pain you know. Felt it constantly also painful intercourse. We got to know about our clinic on eviternity.org International patient coordinator. They offered free consultations so we made them a go. This way we travelled to Ukraine where passed our ivf with donor eggs. Our 1st shot was no luck. And our doc insisted on the surgery. Besides she changed some of the protocol issues. I'd say surgery helped me much to get rid of that horrible pain I was feeling before, but for getting pregnant we needed two more shots. We are parents now and this all seems to be the thing from the past but we will come back there again definitely as we want more children. So another round is ahead..

I just though you could get another expert's opinion from the site. And it will be for free. Our free consultation was conducted in London. Josephine was professional and really helpful. We got another insight on our problem and some of the most suitable solutions to choose from.

Thanks for reading this long post. I felt I just needed to say all this.

Wishing you the best :) Hugs X

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Hi, so you conceived wit donar eggs? I ask because I had failed Ivf and was told I don't produce many eggs. One day in the future I hope to try again but maybe with donar eggs.


Hi! I had private IVF as NHS was taking forever. I didn't produce many eggs as my left ovary was not working and my right was sluggish, but they were good quality and the IVF (twice) worked. And I have severe endometriosis. We were always told that it was quality rather quantity. Best of luck. Xxx


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