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Shooting pain while trying to urinate with a large endo cyst

Hi everyone,

I have stage 4 endo, had 4 operations over the last couple of years and due my 5th one in a few weeks due to a 10cm+ cyst on my left ovary. It causes me horrendous pain every single day the last 3 months I've been unable to work, I get shooting pains down my left leg that make walking unbearable which the endo specialist says is because the cyst is pushing on nerves. The other day I came on my period, which is always the worst, I have a lot of problems with my bowel, constipation, bleeding, shooting stabbing pain all because of endo, because it grew through in the bowel, but never with my bladder. But the last 24 hours as soon as I go to pee I get this horrible shooting pain which feels where the uretha is. Does anyone think this could be because of the cyst just continuing to get bigger? I've never had pain urinating before so I'm confused what could be doing it.

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