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Struggling to cope

Hi everyone, any advice at all is appreciated. I'd love to hear other people's strategies on coping if possible.

I was diagnosed via a laparoscopy in March, they found endo on my left ovary and on my bladder. They removed everything minus the endo on my bladder and inserted the IUD.

I have always had pain via inter course but it's only getting worse to the point where it's made me cry. I have a sharp pain in my groin constantly and I'm exhausted.

Has anybody had any similar symptoms to these and do you know what my next step would be as my GPnisnt listening. Thank you x

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Hi NJB93,

Sorry to hear that you're suffering with endo. I have and keep getting endo my on and inside my bladder, on both my ovaries inside and around my bowels. I have blood in my urine, I keep getting infections and am on daily antibiotics. I'm going to have another operation to remove more endo from bladder and I might get both my ovaries removed to slow down the return of endo coming back so quickly.

I'm currently on morphine patches, which was working for a bit, but now I think it's stopped working on me so my pains are horrible.

I try to meditate, I read horror books, I try to cook and do housework as much as I can. Sometimes I'm so exhausted I can't even move, I don't sleep properly anymore as my pains wake me up.

I use my hot water bottle a lot, I have hot soaks, I'm on a Glutenfree Dairyfree soya free, red meat free diet as I have been diagnosed with celiac disease, bone protrusion, thinning of my hip bones.

I do understand what you are going through, and I am always struggling to cope with my pains, I cry so much at times that I get terrible headaches.

I'm here for you if you want to chat.



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