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Days in bed


Does anyone else spend most of their days in bed? I find it so hard and tiring to get up and dressed since I had a bad kidney infection and blood posining last July, since then my endo has been so severe and agonising I had to leave my job, and most days I'm in bed. Some days I manage to get out but then I have to spend the rest of the week in bed recovering. I feel like I have no life I graduated and can't do anything with my life that I worked hard towards. I just wondered if endo leaves anyone else kind of bed bound?

Thanks for any comments in advance it would be great to hear your ladies experience at the minute I feel very alone and isolated. Xx

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I know how you feel. I've been bed bound for the last 4/5 months. It's brutal and brings you down so much. The pain, the chemicals and the pressures of life on top of that.

I am really sorry to hear that, Soph 94.

I had been bed band like that post op and still in recovery form op but as my endo wasn't all excited and left with pain, I am feeling quite down as well.

I hope you recover from where you are.

I had kidney infection last year and after that, even when the infection went away, it had left with agonising pain in kidney and stomach area, it was horrible. I also had really bad uncomfortable feeling in bladder as well.

It was horrendous.

These symptom didn't all go away but after about 5 months, I began to feel a bit better and things became easier.

So it might take a while but hopefully, your symptom become better, too.

Have you been looked after from your GP and consultant?


Dear Soph

Sorry to hear your so poorly .

I myself have been bed bound.

It becomes a cycle of pain and depression and so difficult to see a way forward.

Please try and be positive.

Try castor oil packs with hot water bottle for stomach and electric heat pad for back.

I find a routine helps. Start the day will warm lemon and ginger. Hot bath with Epsom salts. Find a healing meditation to help the mind keep strong.(I do this whilst I have oil pack on)

Try positive affirmations .. Even if you feel terrible. I think the mind has a powerful effect on how we feel, so battling to keep this well is so important.

I also stick to an Endo diet.(no gluten, caffeine, reduced dairy n sugar) An alkaline diet is very beneficial.

This might sound like a lot of effort or even nonsense but believe me it helps! I used to spent days in bed, in agony!

Cramps where so bad I would lose control of all my functions. Would have to camp out in the bathroom. All tho I'm not cured and have to take strong meds, my days spent in bed have reduced.

Also have you been referred to Bsge centre? I would strongly recommend you do so.

They would help you with managing the pain and look at treatment options.

Hope you're not feeling so bad today. Xx Don't feel alone as we're all here to help and share knowledge. Take care Soph xxx

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