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helpppppp pleaseeeee

good afternoon every one ,

Im writing you cause Im really tired and lost ,

i will tell you my story and hope that i will find help and advises

im 31 years old im in London since November 2012 , my problem with pain started during my pregnancy , pelvic pain that was horrible i couldn't even walk normally like people , when i went to the doctor they told its normal to have ligamentary pain during pregnancy , i give birth to my little princess 03.11.2013 by c- section after the birth the pain was there too they told me its c- section . the pain comes and goes , but since February 2016 i have this pain that dont want to go its a constant pain which is not very strong some times it became worse , its like burning , when i finally got my appointment with gynaecologist on the 3rd august 2016 she told its endometriosis . i didn't know what it is and she didn't even take tame and explained to me . when i came at home and i have done research in the internet im under choc cause it cause infertility and many other things , i want to have another baby and have normal life without pain i have an appointment in 3 month she gave me contraception LOGAN i dont feel a big difference ( pain ) , im really lost and have no one to talk to they told me that i have to do a surgery to confirm the diagnostic LAPAROSCOPY what can you advice me , do you think that NHS is good or shall i see a private( which is very expensive for me ) , who can advice me , please im losttttttttt , and tired ,i need your help , thanks in advance

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Hi, your best bet would be to get a refferal to a bsge specialist centre, ask you gp,

The surgeons who work private are normally nhs too, so it will cut waiting times but the care you get will be the same,

Good luck


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