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Suspected endo, please help!

Hi there, just after some advice and understanding really, as I can't go on anymore as if i'm just 'unlucky' with my periods and the build up to it.

For the past 2 years my periods have become irregular, heavier, and more painful. These are the symptoms that I have during every period, and they get noticeably worse every single cycle :(

Pain and throbbing when I ovulate? It's as if I can feel my eggs moving almost, and I get waves of pain and aches.

Periods seem to be coming 4 or 5 days early every month? Which means that I don't know even the week when I'll be due on anymore :(

Awful pre-period cramps the day before period starts, plus a strange hormonal smell the day before, Im very aware of it, this has been for about the last 4 months.

From day 2 of my period, the most awful gastro type pains in my lower abdomen, that seem to send an agonising shooting pain to my anus? (sorry), which comes in waves that last maybe 5 minutes at a time. This also comes when I feel the need to pass wind or go to the toilet. The pain is sometimes so severe it makes me sweat, and cry and feel like I might pass out.

The other type of pain is a nasty throbbing pain in what feels like my lower pelvis, on the right side, and in my womb (feels like its from the womb as its almost like a contraction pain during labour).

Sometimes, even the largest tampon I leak through after an hour during day 2 and 3. I leak quite often, now every period for the last few months I dread, I want to stay home during my periods and hibernate from the world, because of the worry of leaking and bouts of pain.

The pain which I get sometimes when inserting and pulling out tampons makes me feel sick, and also sometimes sends my womb into spasm type feeling?

I get extremely fatigued, yet restless from ovulation onwards.

I'm certain that I'm leaving out other symptoms, but these are by far the worst.

I've visited the GP about this over the last year about 3 times. One time was told this is just what women can go through at my age (32) , once referred for ultra sound, where they found my copper coil was perforating my womb, and put it down to that (well I now have a new copper coil thats been checked twice and is sitting fine, so how can it have been that).

I have a GP appointment booked in for 27th sep, and this time, I won't be leaving there without a referal to gyno.

Last night I ended up at urgent care from the womb pain intensity, which is why I know it now needs to get serious in someone listening to me that this CANNOT be 'just woman problems'

Please, if anyone can relate to the above symptoms let me know, so that I don't feel like im going mad. So far all my symptoms fit in with endometriosis, right?

Thanks and sorry for the long essay,

A very worried, miserable mum of 2 :(

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Yeah hun. Your symptoms sound like it iv not been diagnosed yet I'm just a little step ahead from you. You need to tell your gp that you think it's endo and get them to refer you to an endo centre if thats what you think. They will want to run their own tests first pelvic exam ultra sound ( that's what mine did with me) then they'll probably refer you. But find a gp that listens and stress to them you don't just want to be seen by a general gynae you want to be seen by an endo specialist prefebaly one at one if the bsge centres. Doctors seem to be quite reluctant to do this for some reason but put your foot down. Although endo does have a wide range of symptoms that affects woman differently it could may well be endo. Them shooting pains you get I get up both ends wherever I sit and when I'm in the loo I can't hold my head up for the overwhelming pain dizziness and heat I get that overcomes I litterally sweat buckets. And my ovulation pain is out of this world I feel like I'm been torn apart can't walk sit stand or anything it's horrendous. Loads more symptoms too. There just the ones that I can relate too. Im sorry your going through this I know how hard it is with children I only have one and when in pain it's very hard. Keep a daily diary of your pain and go prepared to docs and research more about endo and your symptoms. The information about endo specialists I got off here. This is a great forum to receive help and advice from for which direction to take regarding your situation. Hope that helps. Good luck. X


Hiya, thanks sooooo much for your reply and for the helpful info. I hadn't a clue that there are actual endo centres that specialise it in, so thanks for the heads up I'll have a look into it. Also RE the diary that's a really good idea I shall start doing that! My mum has fibroids which are hereditary but I've been scanned for those before and seem clear, so that's ruled out. I have been on both tranexamic and mefenamic for a year or so, but now they don't seem to help as they once did. Everything seems to be getting worse and worse.

Thanks again for your advice and support I really appreciate it.

Amy xx


Your welcome iv just told you what iv been basically doing. You will definitely find all the answers you need on here. There's a lot of advice and information regarding endo and getting diagnosed from others on here. Iv been here for a couple of weeks and iv gained a lot of information on what to do and what's best for my health. Hope you get somewhere with your gp. Let me know. Good luck x


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