So flipping tired!

So today is my equivalent to a Sunday as I work weekends and it's all I can do to stop myself from going back to bed! I'm on my second cup of tea (a real no-no usually) and it's barely keeping me upright. I'm so worried about tomorrow as it just feels like this fatigue is getting worse daily. I work in retail and I can feel my standards slipping as I just don't have the energy to deal with my everyday jobs (I manage a shop and am solo for 8 hrs on 3 days out of every five). Does anyone have any tips for energy boosts? The pain I can just about deal with, but this exhaustion is a new thing for me and I hate it.

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I know it's hard when you're feeling so pants but trying to encourage myself to exercise has really helped me in the last if my pain isn't too bad to do it! Putting some upbeat music on and doing a 7min workout on YouTube! It brightens me up anyway :)

Any specific YouTube workouts you can recommend? Sounds like a plan xx

Sorry! I haven't been online for a few days! I was trying the "ab challenge" accompanied by my own mix of YouTube music! Or there is an app called "free workouts" that you put in what you like to do and it complies you a little video to copy :)

I've done mindfulness yoga on there too - not the same as a workout but helpful for a pick me up!

Hi! It's so hard when you're down to try and bring yourself up again, I know the feeling. I would suggest drinking decaffeinated tea if any tea at all! but also Chia seeds! They provide a real stable energy supply and they're good for your digestive system and endo! have a little google about them. My fave is the chia breakfast bowels, they start the day off wonderfully. xx

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