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MRI stage 4 endo

Morning all,

Just wanted some advice on having an MRI while ttc? I have been diagnosed with stage 4 endo and my consultant wants me to have an mri to see how badly my bowel is involved. I am currently trying for our first baby, we are off on holiday tonight for two weeks and my scan is for tue when i get back my period is due the sunday - my forms say tick if you are or might be pregnant .... is it safe as i wont know if i am pregnant so soon after trying (doubtful due to endo) but needed some advice shall i tick yes or no?

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Hi :)

I'm a radiographer and yes it's fine - there's no radiation involved in an MRI :) just don't wear any metal!


Thank you so much, had my scan wasnt as scary as i thought! What a fantastic machine felt like inwas on a space ship!! X


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