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Will my Partner be supportive?

Hello, I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. This has taken a lot of visits to to GP, different GP and different birth control! Finally I have answer, however this has taken a really big strain on my relationship. I've been with my boyfriend since I was 16, and just had our 6 year anniversary. Just recently he has asked me questions about sex life - im boring, I don't find him attractive or I fake enjoying sex! Before the diagnosis, I couldn't give him an answer just that it hurt! He once said it was an excuse. Now I have the answer I have told him what it is and what will happen now! His reaction was bland!

Is it wrong im feeling resentment towards him? I know it's not his fault for not understanding, as I didn't! I just don't feel he will be able to understand!

Has anyone had something similar and what did they do to get the support from their other half!

Thanks :) x x

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Hi There,

Unfortunately it is not uncommon. My partner and my mother accused me of being a drama queen when I was really worried about my symptoms prior to my diagnosis. Post surgery my relationship with my mum hasn't been any better (she wants to avoid as much as possible) and my bf does the same on occasion or as you have said he has a bland/blank faced response. Have you tried sitting with him and showing him the research that you have found on the condition? Endometriosis charity uk also has physical support groups run by volunteers and also online support groups where they have guest speakers / Endo consultants - I have attended 2 online sessions and will be attending my first physical group in a few weeks. It might be worth getting him to listen to the online sessions with you or, if possible getting him to come to some of the support groups with you if your group allows it. I hope this helps.



Thanks for getting back. All I can say with your situation, is you are very strong. Maybe you have already but getting your mum to these sessions? I think your mum and partner are the drama Queens in all of this ;) or is it the "lack" of understanding that is worrying them?

I will certainly take a look into the online sessions :) and also try and get my partner involved.

Thanks :) x


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