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Hip pain?

I was diagnosed with abdominal wall endo/c section scar endo in July. The pain has spread to my hip it is if you go directly in a straight line from the left edge of my c section scar all the way to my hip all along that area is really sore its sometimes just a dull ache then i get random stabbing electric shock pains either just doing nothing but mostly when i stretch ot bend a certain way. I have had to drive a fair bit today and as its the left side when going on and off the clutch changing gear i was getting the stabbing pains, now im in agony and its so sore! Ive took some painkillers, rubbed some tiger balm on and now im sitting with a hot water bottle on my hip. Does anyone else have this pain? Thanks in advance x

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Yes my worst pain is very similar. It causes my hip to ache making just sitting difficult at times. My pain, which is right sided, is also either a dull ache or a sharp catching pain, made worse with more exertion or things like pushing a trolley or hoovering. I get other period type aching pains but the sharp pains are the most restrictive.


I have too comes and goes plus lower back pain... Anyone know what the cause of this could be i had pelvis scan all clear. MRI all clear probably all IBS related :(


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