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Unknown diagonosis

good day people...i hv been here before i went to do my surgery...i had a laparascopy done on the 16th of august this year and my gynae had to procedure with laparatomy nd extcision of the uterus corner...before the surgery we agreed wth my gynae dat he might remove my left ovary nd fallopian tube as they appeared to be in a abnormal condition..during surgery he did not find endometriosis,and both ovaries where in good condition durin the laparatomy...only to find out whn he nearly gave up that i had another uterus body growing inside me...which means i had 2uterus but the other one was just growing there alone it was not connected to any of my normal uterus body...they did not what might be the cause of all this and it seems like is one of their first cases of diagonosis this side in Botswana...am still waiting for the results as this uterus component was taken to south africa for some tests...will this cause any complications in future if i want to conceive??

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