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Endo outside the pelvic area

Hi, I have endo on my hip and the last time I saw the gynaecologist they told me unless I wanted injections etc there was nothing else they could do for me as my endo is located outside of the gynae area. Has anyone else had this problem? I am in a lot of pain with my back and hip & want to go back to my gp to ask for help but not sure what I am asking for. Do I ask to see a hip specialist? Do I ask for further tests on my back (left flank above kidney)? Not sure what my next steps should be...

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If you are in uk, you need to be referred to a bsge specialist centre, they will deal with every tyoe of endo, they had surgeons who deal with bladder , bowel, ligaments, pouch of Douglas, just because your pain us in hips dosnt Nesseseraly mean it's tgere, the bsge specialist will investigate and deal with wgats found, ask gp for referral and read a ladies on here called Lindle posts, she is very informative, xx

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Thanks Tboag, I'll do that x


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