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What makes it worth it?

It's been a tough week. Your eyes are puffy from crying the night before, you wake up to the painful cramps, your painkillers are not working, you find your sheets are soiled again with blood, and you can't just help but wonder when this will all end.

I've been there and I'm still there. And as much as I would like to say to you "hang in there!", there's no real comfort in those words unless there's that glimmer of hope you can hang on to. That one thing that will remind you that in the end, it will all be worth it..

What keeps you going? On bad days, how do you comfort yourself and what do you tell yourself to convince yourself to go through another day?

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My husband treated me to kittens. Extreme I know!! They have given me the strength to get on with the everyday. When I'm in work I struggle to get any comfort. I used love food but now it exacerbates my lower back and bowel pain. For me my only comfort is getting under a blanket and watching a favourite film and dozing when I can...obvs only possible on days off so I find myself wishing my weeks away.


I can't keep pets where I leave so it's out of the question. It's a great idea though. Sometimes you need to look after another thing to displace your misery for your sorry self.

Anyway, I'm still in search for the one thing that will stop me from moping around like a slob on bad days. They say count your blessings but I can't help but think how unlucky I am to have my health issues despite every other good thing I have.

I just need that "eureka!" thought that will snap some sense in me when I get depressed again.


I am so sorry you are feeling so shit. I am feeling the same myself since the last two days. I don't know why but this time the pain seems worse than ever before, and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. Oh well ! To be honest, right now it's hard for me to offer any advice because I am a mess myself but I have been trying to tell myself that I have been through this before and I do eventually feel a bit better (at least for a few days until the cycle starts all over again). I also try to distract myself by making plans for the days when I am feeling relatively better. Right now my plan is to go watch the new bridget jones movie sometime this month so that's a big incentive. Sad I know. My social calendar for the entire month involves trying to watch a movie (if possible). But we have to hold on to whatever hope we can....right now I am just wishing away my days. I hope you feel better soon, I am sorry I can't be of much help but hey, misery loves company right?

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Misery loves company indeed. Unfortunately I've just moved to a new area so I don't know a lot of people who I can hang out with. ;(

Just knowing someone else is out there replying to my post gives me a beacon of hope that I am not alone. It's at times when you contact people and they don't reply that really gets me upset because you're already making an effort to reach out to only end up being let down by the people who said they'd be there if you needed them.


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