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How to get an appointment with bsge centre????

Hi iv not been diagnosed with endo as yet. I strongly feel I have it and iv asked my gp to refer me to a specialist their just referring me to a gynae. My question is can I just pay private to see a gynecologist that is at bsge centre without getting a referral just so I could possibly get a quicker diagnoses? I'm in Leeds and have found one in elland spire hospital. My pain is getting worse and I'm very fatigued I just don't want to go the long route if I don't have to. Thanks for any replies

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Hi - most BSGE centres are NHS and yes you can see a BSGE surgeon privately and then refer to the NHS list at which point you would then need a GP referral. Most accept self referral. However, you also have a right to a referral from scratch on the NHS as you are in England and your GP can't refuse this provided he agrees that you have suspected endo. If he doesn't then you would have to ask him/her to write clearly on your medical record that in his/her opiniuon you don't have endo with the reasons why. Most GPs wouldn't agree to do this as it would give grounds for a complaint if you then went on to have it diagnosed.

Please be aware that the centre you mention is private only so if you had a private consultation with him you would have to pay for surgery there which can amount to anything from 20 to 30K. There would be little to be gained from having a consultation only as you would still need referral to a NHS centre and they may use different methods.

Have a look at my post on the treatment pathway and on how to find a centre.


Thank you for that. Do you think I should just stick with my gynae referral and if the gynae thinks I have endo are they able to refer me on to a endo specialist? I think I'm going to get referred to urology aswel on Thursday so maybe the two might consider endo when and if my tests come back clear with urology. Iv had swabs urine tests 2 ultrasounds on showed fluid in pod and other showed a few small polyps on gall bladder no infection in urine or anything just constantly blood in urine.


It would have to be your choice but be aware that endo is routinely missed in general gynaecology. Have a look at my post on the diagnostic lap and how important it is that the person doing it knows what they are looking for.


I'm reading it now thanks x


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