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Does anyone else just get into a vicious circle :(

Hi ladies just wondering if anyone has any advice or similar experiences I don't know if it's just me? Basically iv put on a stone and a half and from previous posts I have put, you can see how down it gets me and what a struggle it is. I'm literally a chocoholic, and with endo being such a depressing disease I find myself trying to eat healthy and be good but some days I just think I'm so depressed wth it all my body is letting me down I have enough worries I don't want to worry about dieting too so I let myself have the chocolate. The thing is iv never changed the way I eat iv always eaten chocolate and what I want in moderation but it's ever since the painkillers and depression tablets iv gained the weight, I need these medications though so today iv kind of given up and just want to eat all the chocolate in the house lol. I don't no if it's only me with this mind set or anyone else struggles with this vicious circle? Xx

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I am in a similar place. I put on 11bs when my endo got really bad (before I was diagnosed) and it just won't shift. I know at the moment that the drugs aren't helping - I've had decapeptyl, norethisterone and cerazette so far this year. I also feel that a big part of the problem is the fatigue. I'm fairly sure I put the weight on in the first place because I was desperately anaemic (something the GP had tested for but then basically ignored) and I was using chocolate to fight the tiredness and get me through the day. I still struggle. I'm so tired and run down all the time, and the bloating is like having a canonball in my stomach. Hate hate hate it.


Thank you for your reply, I'm so sorry your going through this to everything you explained I am exactly the same with the fatigue and bloating. I tried doing yoga but it's the pain and fatigue in the first place go get started. It's hard, I just think if the medication isn't helping the weight gain I'm not going to make myself miserable by dieting with everything else my body is going through, but then I feel awful lol. I hope we get better soon!


Yes I've put on about a stone, due to no exercise and injections and eating chocolate and biscuits it's a night mare, I've told myself it will give me something to concentrate on after I've recovered from my next hopefully last laparoscopy and oophorectomy,

It's only abit of weight but get to stressed about it,



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