How do your flareups start?

I have pain all the time at a 6/7 but my flareups start and make the pain go to a 9 & 10. Mine start with a heavy feeling in my bladder, like I really have to pee, but when I do, it hurts and barely anything comes out, then the pain starts to travel to my right side and I feel like I need to go to the washroom but I'm constipated, then my back and shoulders start hurting and my legs start to tingle while my toes feel cold. Then I just feel pain allover my abdomen and feel like I just wanna sleep and throw up.

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  • Hey,

    Eerily similar to mine!

    I get quite bloated which is fairly normal but then I get really bloated and very quickly get severe pain on my tummy (all in the lower tummy area). The really intense pain on the left and right of my tummy - same as you I'm tired, constipated, can't wee and can't stand up straight because of the pain and I guess, spasms in my tummy.

    I then wake up really tired the next day and have some residual pain :(

  • I start with pressure in the pelvic area then start getting pain in left side of my stomach I start to feel like I need to pee all the time but nothing comes out then all my stomach starts to hurt and I throw up and get pain down my legs and sore back and pain in my shoulder xx

  • Mine start about five in the morning, but it's my bowels. I constantly Have to go on and off to the toilet for about two hrs.

    My pain is in my groin area feels like the cyst I recently had drained is swelling and putting pressure on the right hand side, but the pain spreads, I feel sweaty, tired and doesn't wear off until my second dose of tablets.

    Feel like I'm living a nightmare, I'm constantly up and down during the night 🙁

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