Nerves being effected?

I know this sounds weird but I woke up with this weird pain where it feels like my leg is connected to my abdomen, it's at about a 7 in pain, so I think it may be a nerve but when I move my leg I can feel it moving there. I'm in physiotherapy and the physiotherapist said I'm tensed from my pelvis to the front of my ribcage because of pain.

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  • Yep I've got really strong pain in my left pelvis from my ribs down and I getting twinges in my leg foot and arms weirdly must be where my muscles are tense I suppose or the leg ones I have had since having endo cut from uterosacral ligaments in April so may it because of that ? Maybe hot bath with Epsom salts and relax it out a bit if it's just come on , maybe hope your days got better anyway 💗

  • I'm waiting to see a speacilist for my diagnostic lap but I thought it might be a blood clot but the symptoms didn't match up so I thought it was endo. Thanks for helping me feel less worried:)

    I'll try the bath but currently the washrooms being painted so I might have to wait a day lol

    What actually helped a bit was I put a heating pad on my groin, my physiotherapist told me that it would. Make sure it isn't hot through, and wrap it in a towel or fabric.

  • Hi I get random nerve pain and they reckon my cns is involved. Try magnesium oil, you can buy the flakes on amazon and make your own for a fraction of the cost it helps me a little. For the last couple of weeks ive been getting sharp pains running up the inside of my lower left leg. X

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