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Could I have endometriosis

I am just wondering if I could have suddenly developed endometriosis? I've never had any pain period wise and have two children. I am 39 around about two months ago I started with backpain about two weeks before my period I went to the Dr who took a water sample treated me for a uti however the sample came back negative.

Since then I have noticed a few spots of blood after sex all my smears I've ever had have been negative

A week before my period I started with back ache and suddenly driving home from work Fri I got a pain down below as if I was being ripped apart I went to the loo and to pass water made me cry it stung and I felt pressure, I ended up going to a out of hours gp who started me on antibiotics. My period started the next day and the burning feeling when I passed water disappeared I don't think one antibiotic would work that fast and the back ache has gone

How should I discuss this with my Dr as I want him to take me seriously

Can I do anything for the pain?

Thanks for all your help

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Have you had a c-section?

That's the only way you could develop endometriosis later in life from my understanding b/c something had to trigger the release of the uterine tissue in the body.

There's also a possibility that you've always had it but symptoms just started appearing now, in my case I'm 17, I got my 1st period when I was 8/9 and up until 16 when I got heavy bleeding I had bowel issues that had no dignoisis.

Some bowel issues may be:

Constipation, diharria at different times during your cycle (mine was the 1st day, and the last day then all through ovulation).

Ask your dr about getting a blood test to check your hormones and thyroid, it might be able to speed up treatment.


Could you maybe see another partner at your g.p practise, a lady maybe? or ask to be referered to gynae for scan and investigations? unfortunately g.p,s bless em, don,t know everything they sometimes need a higher authority at hospital to guide them. Give it a whirl, you can,t control when this is going to happen.


I am 41 and have been diagnosed with endometriosis this year following a lap. I've suffered increasingly with abdominal pains and bowel problems over recent years and always told it was IBS. I also have 2 children and didn't really have any period problems through most of my life, although my periods have been heavier over the last few years. Interestingly my daughter now 4 was born by C section, so potentially this was the culprit but I guess I'll never know!


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