Was I misdiagnosed?!?

Yesterday, I went to the emergency room because I was having really bad cramps and I'd been nauseous for over 12 hours straight. They did a urine test, vaginal swab, took blood, and gave me an X-ray; after all of this & about 4 hours in the ER room, they told me it was constipation. I've been having back, stomach, and pelvic cramps since March & my periods have been kinda messed up. Could they have missed the Endo if I have it? I'm just looking for answers, thank you.

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  • It's very rare that an a&e would diagnose endo, the only true way to get a diagnosis is via a laparoscopy, it dosnt Nesseseraly show up on scans ask gp for referral to a bsge specialist centre, xx

  • I was misdiagnosed with constipation & water infections due to the blood found in my urine (which by the way turned out to be endo related) multiple times at a&e, it wasn't until I told them it hurt to have sex that they even went down endo route! It's took me 7 years to get diagnosed and 3 of those a years non-stop crying in a&e wondering what the hell was wrong with me!

    I feel your pain you are not alone, I too have been there many times before without the knowledge of endo I now know even crossing my mind! it is very stressful and upsetting and most of all painful.

    I do hope you get a diagnosis soon hunny, **hugs** X

  • After 25 years of doing the same thing - serious pain and cramps- sent to hospital- ultrasound- X-ray and urine test - sent home with laxatives I finally had a decent surgeon do exploratory laparoscopy and he's found a ton of endo cysts. Ask your GP to refer you to a good gynaecologist and ask for a laparoscopic investigation. Also worth finding out if any other women in your family suffer from endo. This would strengthen your case for the lap op.

    Please don't be fobbed off. I've spent 25 years being fobbed off, in pain and thinking I was a wimp or it was all in my head. Stand your ground and ask for what you need to get the answers you need.

    Good luck! Hugs xx

  • The same thing happened to me the 1st week of August, they gave me a bowel prep which did nothing for any of my symptoms and flagyl for a vaginal infection.

    My ER dr even told me I couldn't have it b/c I was on the pill and wasn't having periods & I told him off saying "Well I started getting pain all the time after my 2nd try on bc, this is my 4th" and he then apologized and said I had to speak with my gyn. He wouldn't even check for ovarian cysts through ultrasound.

    ER dr's aren't going to find Endo unless if you have a visible ovarian cyst with fluid in your abdomen and in that case they may or may not do surgery and in my case they said if it was a burst cyst I would have to wait for it to pass.

    I've been to the ER 5 times for endo pain and I'm only 17, the last time I'm August was the only time where they actually decided on something rather then just telling me it was just "a bad period" and I shou do go on the pill or they were dumbfounded and I needed to see my dr but they gave me the highest dose of painkillers everytime anyway.

    Endo doesn't show up on ultrasound except if it's deep or if there are cysts which some dr's will leave b/c it's normals to get ovarian cysts in some people but there's differ kinds which cause issues. It might show up on MRI but most likely not, in urine it won't show anything (I keep getting infections that have cultures done and they find nothing). Blood may show it by hormonal and thyroid testing.

    They would've decided on constipation b/c it revealed that your bowel was all blocked up in the X-ray.

    I know it's tuff at the ER being told there's nothing when there really is.

    Best wishes Xx

  • If the medics say you are constipated they CAN feel the hard stools inside your intestinal tract, what about trying a diet or a stool softener regularly? Just see if it makes any difference and if it doens,t and your pain returns then of course you need to go back and tell them what you have tried yourself. Good luck I hope its not endo.

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