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Little bit of advice please :)

Hello everybody :) Hope you are all doing well! I am very very new to this but need a little bit of advice!

A little bit of history, I have PSCO and stage 4 endometriosis. I have been on about 10 different pills each one giving me horrendous side effects, because I have had really bad side effects with the pill I have been totally put off the idea of the injection. The artificial menopausal injection (i don't know its correct name) also freaks me out (tbh, I don't really know a lot about it I think its more the idea?). I have had 2 laparoscopy, the first lap was in 2015 and not as much endometriosis was found however this year it was significantly worse than excepted, and I think the surgeon was a little shocked. Before the op he had a consultation with me in which he basically said 'we probably won't find anything, then we will have to refer you on'. This year he found endometriosis pretty much everywhere, with my left ovary tethered to the pelvic side wall. While I was under they put the coil in.

However, me and the coil are not the best of friends... It has been in for 7 weeks and I am still in horrendous pain. The pain is in my hips, in my stomach, back, down my legs and there is also what feels to be a contraction type pain? The pain I am in now is worse than what it was pre op with no 'medication' as such. My mood has also plummeted, I get headaches, and a lack of energy. I am in bed for around 8! My skin is also terrible and I have bleed constantly for the last 7 weeks!

I have no idea what to do for the best? I have read and heard that you can wake up one day and everything slots into place but at the moment I just feel the symptoms getting worse? On the flip side of this, if I have the coil removed then where do I go from there? I am at a complete loss and have no idea what to do for the best. I go on holiday in a month and really do not want to be feeling this rubbish.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!

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Are you in the UK and if so where? So how recent was the last lap and what did they do about the severe endo they found apart from putting the mirena in?


Yes I am in the uk, north west 😊 The last lap was July 2016 and they have removed the endometriosis (sorry I forgot to put that bit in 🙈)


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