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New to endometriosis - what's next at gynae appt?

I'm very new to endometriosis and feel totally lost about it all. We've been ttc for 2years and it was only at my recent ultrasound the consultant said I had endometriosis, 3 cysts and frozen ovaries.... And left it with 'we'll discuss at the next appointment'. I'm panicking like anything as I have no idea what will be next, our main aim is fertility as I am fairly symptom free. Any ladies out there give examples of what could be next? Laparoscopy or Ivf first? X

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Hi - are you in the UK and if so where? Frozen ovaries means they are stuck to something by scar tissue. Perhaps the ovarian fossae (the hollows in the pelvic wall where they sit) or even behind the uterus. When you ovulate the ends of the Fallopian tubes move to the correct position above the ovaries to accept the egg. Your tubes might be affected too, but it is likely that your ovaries are out of place and not able to accept the egg. This is a common reason for failing to conceive. A laparoscopy would aim to free all of this up but to give an indication as to whether you have endo elsewhere can you describe your symptoms across your whole cycle. Lap would definitely be first as they would only do IVF if all attempts to conceive naturally have been exhausted.


Thank you for your reply, it all sounds very daunting. I just hope I don't have to wait too long for a laparoscopy after I've seen the gynae.

Yes I'm in the Uk - in south London.

For ages I thought I was completely symptom free but having read more into since my diagnosis I am beginning to realise there are symptoms which just became the 'norm' for me. My period is 7days with brown blood for days after, for the first two days I'm heavy and a little bit of pain - nothing a nurofen won't get rid of though, occasionally painful during sexy but only in two positions, sometimes bowel movements can be sore - for ages I had diagnosed myself with IBS and on my ovulation days I get twinges!!!


As you are in England you can choose to see who you want and I think it would be beneficial to you both to see a specialist at an endo centre as endo can be missed in general gynae. Pain with sex, painful bowel movements and IBS symptoms may suggest endo behind your cervix that is often missed. Have a look at my post on the diagnostic lap and how important it is. Also the posts on the treatment pathway and how to find a specialist centre.


Thank you, I hadn't realised I was able to ask for a referral so that's great to know. I will look up an Endo specialist in the area.


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